Classification of Students

Students are classified on the basis of records in the University Registrar’s Office. Student classifications are normally updated after the spring semester grades are recorded.

Freshman: Completion of fewer than 26 semester hours. (university-level courses taken before graduating from high school are added to a student’s academic record during their first semester at the University).

Sophomore: Completion of 26 semester hours.

Junior: Completion of 56 semester hours.

Senior: Completion of 90 semester hours. (Note: A student may participate in senior activities only once.)

Special Students may be admitted to take any course(s) from which they may benefit and for which they have satisfactory preparation. A maximum of 30 semester hours may be earned in this classification.

Guest Students may enroll after completing the Guest Student Application and submitting a letter of good standing from the University in which the student is regularly admitted as a degree candidate.