Final Examinations

Final exam periods are scheduled by the Academic Affairs Office. Students are responsible for ensuring that personal matters (e.g., travel, work, weddings) accommodate the final exam schedule and for informing parents of final exam schedules.

Students who are scheduled for more than two (2) final exams on the same day may request to have the excess over two (2) rescheduled. Forms are available on the Student Portal. Here is the process that must be followed:

  1. The student will discuss the matter with the instructor who is administering the final exam that the student wishes to reschedule.
  2. After the student and instructor agree on the rescheduled date, the student will obtain the instructor’s signature.
  3. The student will submit the form to the Academic Affairs Office no later than noon Monday the week prior to the final exam.
  4. The Academic Affairs Office will verify the information on the form.
  5. The rescheduled date will stand, unless the Academic Affairs Office lets the student and instructor know otherwise.

Note: Courses that meet the first half of the semester will have final exams on the last day of the course. Courses that meet the second half of the semester will have final exams in accordance with the final exam schedule. Final examinations in Summer Learn are scheduled for the last day of class.