Trigonometry Proficiency Examination

The Trigonometry Proficiency Exam (TPE) must be taken by students in several MVNU major programs to determine if the student knows enough trigonometry to enter courses in which this knowledge is critical to pass the course. Examples include Calculus II (MAT-2034) and General Physics I with Laboratory (PHY-2014G). Students will be instructed by the department if they need to take the TPE for their chosen degree program. All new students indicating majors in which the TPE is required will be notified to take the exam at New Student Orientation. If a student misses New Student Orientation or changes his or her major to one that requires the TPE, then the student will need to take the TPE during the academic year by contacting the MVNU Test Center on the upper floor of the library. The TPE is not a credit-bearing exam, and passing the TPE does not earn credit for the MVNU course Trigonometry (MAT-1013).