Online Course Attendance

The foundation of a quality, online educational experience is ongoing, active engagement with both fellow students and the facilitating instructor. Ideally, students are actively engaged in completing the stated learning objectives throughout the instructional week.

In order to be counted present for a specific instructional week of an online course, the student must make substantial contributions to the course at least once during the instructional week. A "substantial contribution" is defined as posting to an assigned discussion forum, submitting an assignment, completing a quiz/exam, or any other academic activity required for that specific instructional week of the course. If the student fails to meet this minimum requirement, s/he will be counted as absent for that instructional week.

A failing grade will automatically be awarded in an online course whenever a student is absent:

  • once in a course that is 1-4 weeks long
  • more than once in a course that is 5-6 weeks long
  • more than twice in a course that is 7-12 weeks long