Computer Science Department

Department Chair, Robert T. Kasper


Robert T. Kasper, PhD

Michael C. Robbeloth, PhD

Computer Science Program Objectives

The courses and curriculum of the computer science program are designed to achieve the following student outcomes:

  • exhibit a fundamental knowledge of the origins of computing, the capabilities and limitations of computing, and the use of computer technology as a tool for problem solving;
  • demonstrate problem solving and communication skills fundamental to a liberal arts education and the computing profession;
  • demonstrate an awareness of computer technology’s impact on society, and engage in responsible actions when developing and using computing systems;
  • develop practical, usable skills for employment in computer related professions as well as a foundation in computer science concepts as a basis for professional growth and further academic studies; and
  • transition effectively into computing professions, exhibiting a Christian worldview and a commitment to life-long learning and service.